The final Write-Up

1. Problem statement:

My challenge is to create and transform my research from a complicated text that is full of weird academic jargon to different kinds of free digital media formats that can be easily consumed by the public. This is my way of resisting academic hegemony from within.


2. Solution overview:

I made a video that sums up a few concepts of my thesis, current events, and an overview of my argument. The video was recorded in colloquial Arabic. I wanted to make sure the artists I was researching were able to consume my writings and findings and maybe use it to their advantage in their struggle against the state.


3. The final design

The final solution evolved to be an educational youtube channel that aims to produce high-quality, well-researched, educational videos in a series format. I realized that one video cannot cover a whole research thesis, but maybe a series of videos can capture the concepts and ideas. This will be an ongoing project and I will collaborate with different creative grad students and professors around the world to ensure the success of the production and build a channel of knowledge for people in Egypt. Hopefully, we will able to add different kinds of subtitles for a wider range of audiences to benefit. I am also looking to collaborate with animators, video editors, content creators, etc. Although this is very time consuming for one person to write scripts, film the video, edit it, then manage social media posting, but hopefully, a team will be formed, and the work will be divided then.

The youtube channel:

Facebook link:


4. Design Evolution

This project evolved in major ways, since I was hoping to come up with different ideas and create a prototype and instead I produced a whole video that was watched over 20k times. This development is encouraging me to learn more about producing videos and podcasts and how to build a bridge between academia and digital media outlets while creating content in Arabic. Crash Course is an inspiring platform that we aim to follow in their footsteps and create high-quality content.


I will post my introductory video to the channel/series soon.